Your financial dreams really can come true.

And they’re closer than you think…

Hi, I’m Liz Lajoie, the Zen Money® Strategist & CFO, and I’m here to help you make more money, manage it, and bring more home — so that you can actually enjoy it!


Take a Deep Breath...

Things are about to get easier.


…Leveraging your hard work to grow a thriving & profitable business that lights you up.

I help mission-driven entrepreneurs learn to master their money, manage it more effectively, and take more of it home.

…Making sure the insides of your business are running as smoothing as the outsides.

I teach my clients how to make confident, conscious financial decisions, without stress or fear.

…Knowing what to do with the cash flowing into and through your business without worrying you’re missing a critical step.

You know your secret financial hopes and dreams, I can help you make them a reality.

“Liz educates you in what you should be looking out for, and she holds your hand through the process, makes you feel safe and grounded, and that you really have a grasp of it all.”
Joana Galvao

Creative Director & Founder of GIF Design Studios

“I’ve been working with Liz for quite a while, and could not recommend her more. She’s a total unicorn in the world of finance, and I would definitely not be where I am now without her guidance.”

Megan Jo Wilson

Coach & Founder of Rock Star Camp

“Liz creates this energy of peace and calm where you can relax and know that your business is going to be okay…while helping you build solid strategies and make smart decisions for your business.”
Tamara Arnold

Coach & Business Energy Strategist

Hello there,

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in business & financial management for nearly 2 decades.

And what I’ve learned along the way is that there are millions of ways to build a financially successful business. We just need to find the right version for you.

I believe it’s about how you feel at the end of the day with your money and yourself. Your money management doesn’t have to be hard or feel overwhelming…and a little bit of learning goes a long way toward you confidently stepping fully into your role as owner and CEO of your business.

Helping you create profitable strategies, understand what to pay attention to (and what you don’t have to worry about right now), and map a version of financial success that feels amazing is my superpower.

I can’t wait to show you how easy this part of your life can be!


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