Your Dirty Little Secret: When You Feel Like You Don't Know Squat

Why hiding from your numbers can hurt you in the long run.

This is all about the stories you tell yourself about money. It comes out in statements like, “I know I’m supposed to look at that but I don’t.” or “I’m not good with numbers.”

You like to present yourself as having your shit together. (Pardon my french.)

But when you’re not in sync with your financials, it makes you feel like an impostor. You’re afraid some mythical financial police will show up and take you away when they find out how how little you understand about your money. (Does this feel familiar?)

In reality, the only person calling you out on it and making you feel poorly about it is yourself.

If you don’t feel confident that you know enough and you don’t enjoy looking at the number side of things, do you feel stuck in the limbo land of I-don’t-know and I’m-terrified-to-look? Not exactly a party place, is it?

Here’s the deal, though. In the long run, not knowing where we stand financially hurts us because we spend more time stressing over what we don’t know than we do taking action. Our ability to make decisions in our business plummets. Hiding from our numbers ultimately holds us back from real growth, especially BIG growth.

Even if you feel like you’re doing perfectly wellbumping along without really needing to know your numbersyou could be growing your income and taking things to new levels if you had a closer and more frequent connection to your numbers.

Zen Money

There are plenty of people who do fine with their business without deep financial organization. But for those that really dig in, they see exponential growth because they really know what’s happening under the hood.

We spend sooo much emotional energy on this one area that could be put to much better use in other places in our businesses, in doing the things we really love. Once you shift your focus and your process so you have a better pulse on what’s coming into and out of your business, you’ll find yourself rid of those crappy “I don’t know if I can pay the bills” feelings.

You’ll go from “I have no idea if I can afford that new training” or “I’m not sure I can pay my vendor, but I’m going to wing it and hope for the best” to “I know I have more than enough to purchase that new computer!”

You’ll feel more calm and relaxed about your bills, your income, and your business overall. You’ll see things start to thrive because you can open up space to offer a new service, or time for clients, and more strategic planning to figure out how to make your business something you enjoy.

Zen Money

You know those days when you wake up in the morning and you just know it’s going to be an awful day? Then it turns out that it is, right? It’s kind of like you set yourself up for it by thinking it would be bad from the start.

What if you could wake up and know you’ll have an amazing day? Because you know everything that’s happening in your business and where you stand with your money. All. The. Time. Business isn’t just happening to you, it’s going according to plan.

The dirty secret is gone.

You don’t feel guilty.

Even if you feel like you’re not making enough money to worry about your numbers right now, how will you know when you are making enough to say “I should really get a handle on it.”? I can guarantee you’ll never make the amount of money you want if you don’t have a handle on it.

The best way to make the money you want and not feel shitty about your numbers is to learn a little more around your business and the money. It’ll save you from wasting all that energy worrying and allow you to do things you only thought other people do. Things like truly love all aspects of your business, including your finances.

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