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Here’s what my clients have to say…

“Liz’s calm and down-to-earth approach to money has helped me to realize that I hide in the uncertainty. My bookkeeping systems were never quite dialed in, my pricing was always being adjusted, and I didn’t have set goals for launches. (Then it wouldn’t be a disappointment if it didn’t go as planned!) With her guidance, I’ve learned that you’ve got to have a starting point, an end goal in mind, and a realistic financial plan in place to get you where you want to go! Now, looking at my numbers is exciting, and I can SEE the potential. Her strategic planning events are fantastic and I love having her eyes on my business!”

Stacey Nachajski

Social Media Expert

“I’ve been working with Liz for quite a while, and could not recommend her more. She’s the most powerful combination of someone who’s a genius with money and with numbers (something that is not my genius) but also has a way of coaching me, loving me, encouraging me and supporting me, helping me strategize about where my business is going, and how much it’s going to cost for me to get there. I think she’s a total unicorn in the world of finance, and I would definitely not be where I am now without her guidance. If you’re an entrepreneur or a coach or a business person that wants your finances handled by someone who’s warm and supportive and loving, just go talk to Liz. Just do it.”
Megan Jo Wilson

Coach & Founder of Rockstar Camp for Women

“From our first call, I felt calmer. Before working with Liz, I didn’t know much about my company’s finances. I’m embarrassed to admit it because it was three years into our business, we had 10 people full time and I was still getting close to zero at the end of the month. And that was something that really stressed me out. I finally feel like I can breath again and I don’t think you can put a price on that. Liz educates you in what you should be looking out for, and she holds your hand through the process, makes you feel safe and grounded, and that you really have a grasp of it all. Even when things can go wrong in the business (because entrepreneurship is a roller coaster), Liz helps me feel under control with my finances. So I know that I can have a month where no work might come in and I’ll be okay. I think that’s a huge value of working with Liz and I highly recommend her.”
Joana Galvao

Creative Director & Founder of GIF Design Studios

“Liz has literally changed my life and my entire business, by helping me get my money in order. Working with her has been so valuable; I’ve gone from wondering how I was going to pay my taxes and living moment to moment, to knowing exactly what’s possible. I know what I actually have coming in on a day-to-day basis and what I can plan for. I don’t have to worry about whether I can afford to go to an event or buy something for myself because I know exactly where I stand, thanks to the work we’ve done together. And that’s been an enormous relief. So if you’re considering working with Liz or taking her up on one of her amazing programs, don’t hesitate! It’s one of the best things you can do for your business.”
Amy Birks

Business Strategist, Speaker & Author

“Liz Lajoie is a gifted CFO and teacher. I was terrified to work with her in the beginning because as a business owner I thought I certainly should have known all of this by now…. And I didn’t. I was embarrassed at the state of affairs of my accounting and my bookkeeping knowledge. I had been like an ostrich and hired the work out yearly for tax purposes only. Liz’s teaching style opened my eyes to a new way of interacting with my numbers. Not something to push aside, but something to develop a relationship with. I now have a set system in place and feel so clear about business decisions and that is priceless.”
Sarah Richardson

Running Coach, Racecation Facilitator & Author

“Liz taught me so many important things about, not just my money, but also my worth. I walked away with some great new ideas on how to set my packages and my prices. I learned how to properly distribute my energy and charge my worth so that I can pay myself accordingly. Thank you, Liz!”

Amy Magnan

Founder of Train Fierce

“Liz will help you with your business and creating that bridge to your personal life. She is involved in the day-to-day along with the overall strategy. It is important for me to have the accounting taken care of so I feel free to to talk about it and also look at bigger picture stuff. She knows what’s going on, how much I’m spending and what’s coming in. Working with Liz will get you to the next level faster…because you can’t really hide anymore. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who just wants to get there with your money and your life, and you want to move forward in a way that’s integrated (and in integrity), she’ll help you with the whole thing.”
Ritu Goswamy, Esq.

Attorney, Productivity Consultant & Founder of Legal Productivity Solutions

“Liz is the most incredible CFO on the planet. Because I’m a big picture kind of person, I really appreciate that all of the things needed to support that big picture are being taken care of and being tended to by Liz. She helps ground my business, and really has an understanding of the practical parts of doing business and working with your finances, which is much needed to balance out what I’m doing as a creative and spiritual entrepreneur. And I especially appreciate her, because she is a person with a huge, amazing heart—she is not your traditional CFO. So while I like to use that word, she is so many other things to me and to my business. I really consider her a friend as well as someone who helps make my business better, helps make my mission clearer. She does that through the work that she does with my finances, but she also does that by who she is as a person.”
Sophia Remolde

Artist, Entrepreneur & Lobsterbird

“The best thing about working with Liz is that there is NO judgement, FULL support, and accountability in making my finances understandable and fun! (No, really…) Liz was always available to answer questions, share her vast knowledge of financial management, and ready with good ideas about other areas of my business, too. I truly recommend this for anyone needing to get clear on your financial plan and how to manage it to your best advantage.”
Dr. Kristina Hallett

Psychologist, Shaman, Author & Speaker

“Liz cares about your whole business…not just the books. She’ll set you up for success in so many ways! Last year at tax time, I was surprised to see my total gross income…I’d been feeling like I was barely scraping by in my business and my life. I’d actually made a lot of money – and had nothing to show for it. I was also having a lot of awkward conversations while chasing down clients to pay their invoices. I was totally over it! After working with Liz, I’ve changed my client on-boarding process and I’m getting paid on time instead of constantly waiting. Plus, I know exactly where my money is going. Every month I can evaluate my business and personal spending, and adjust accordingly to make sure I have leftover cash in the business. No more scrambling to make ends meet! I learned so much about running a profitable business from Liz. I now know exactly what’s happening, how to leverage my finances, and I have all the information I need at my fingertips to grow my business.”
Jessica Castle

Online Launch Strategist

“Liz really breaks down this information to make it accessible. Her knowledge and teaching style instilled confidence in me, and her encouraging manner made me look forward to our time together. She never made numbers feel like “medicine” I had to take. Before working with Liz in the “From Zero To Zen” program, my business was good, but I didn’t have the tools to fully understand my numbers or what my accountant was doing on my behalf. As a creative business owner, I thought I should leave the numbers to numbers people, and I was afraid of messing up my books. Now I have a better understanding of the bookkeeping process, what my numbers mean, and how I can use them to make better decisions for my business. I thought doing my own books would be time-consuming, tedious and difficult, but I learned it wasn’t as hard as I’d imagined. And I learned that my financial records tell a story, and aren’t just a jumble of receipts, memos, etc. Learning to think about my business and my finances this way has been incredibly helpful.”

Kelly Benvenuto

Wedding Photographer

“Liz is like a secret weapon, because once she’s on your team or she’s got your back, she will have it forever. She can take someone who doesn’t want to talk about money, and create a space for you to be able to see it in a completely different way. She meets you where you are, and takes you on the journey without pushing anything on you, always going above and beyond. Liz creates this energy of peace and calm where you can relax and know that your business is going to be okay. You don’t need to be stressed, overwhelmed, or worry. And that, to me, is what she represents…being calm, relaxing, at ease with my finances. She creates all of those beautiful things for me, all while helping me build solid strategies and make smart decisions for my business.”
Tamara Arnold

Business Energy Strategist & Founder of the Chakra Business Academy

“Liz is so easy to work with. She’s a great listener and very responsive to her clients’ needs and wants. She makes them a priority in the solutions you build together. For the first three years of my business, I was afraid of the numbers…afraid of what they might tell me. Now I have business accounts set up and bookkeeping platforms in place that I know how to use! I just met with my CPA and I actually felt like I knew what I was talking about! Any entrepreneur who’s ready to go beyond the “baby steps” in building their business will benefit from having Liz helping to give you a firm knowledge of everything that make a business financially successful. You really can go From Zero To Zen!”
Mara Linaberger

Online Education Specialist & Author

“Liz is patient, kind and knowledgeable. She understands coaching and creative folks and wants us to succeed. As an artist, I was just beginning to think of my work as a business when I started working with Liz. Now I not only have clients, I have the tools I need to organize the financial side of it, too. I knew the work was important, but I was surprised to realize that I’m not a failure around money; I actually know a lot about stewardship and enjoy managing it! She helped me feel empowered to continue my US business in the same vein as my European practice, which was a huge realization, and to feel confident managing my personal finances as well. Basically I have a business now. I feel I have an infrastructure that works for me and that feels amazing. And it’s already attracting money to it!”
Deborah Black

Artist, Coach & Healer


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