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Our ongoing support services include financial strategy and CFO-level management, day-to-day bookkeeping, and tax coordination.

What would if feel like to have an experienced money manager on your side?

If you’re ready to really move your business to  a whole new level, Zen Money Impact services will add jet fuel to your growth!

We meet you where you are right now, and get you where you want to go – faster, and with more confidence.

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Frustrated with your finances and ready for painless solutions?

For nearly two decades,

I’ve been helping mission-driven entrepreneurs build profitable, thriving businesses from the ground up.

In that time, one thing has become crystal clear: the sooner you get your financial ducks in a row, the easier it is to grow quickly and put more money in your pocket…no matter what kind of business you’re creating!

That’s why I love working closely with our Zen Money Impact clients.

We can provide you financial management help at whatever level fits you best now…and can grow with you into the future!

Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like knowing your books are taken care of and you have an experienced CFO on your side?

“Working with Liz will get you to the next level faster…because you can’t really hide anymore. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who just wants to get there with your money and your life, and you want to move forward in a way that’s integrated (and in integrity), she’ll help you with the whole thing.”

Ritu Goswamy

Attorney, Productivity Consultant & Founder of Legal Productivity Solutions

“​​Liz is like a secret weapon, because once she’s on your team or she’s got your back, she will have it forever. You don’t need to be stressed, overwhelmed, or worry. And that, to me, is what she represents…being calm, relaxing, at ease with my finances. She creates all of those beautiful things for me, all while helping me build solid strategies and make smart decisions for my business.”

Tamara Arnold

Business Energy Strategist & Founder of Chakra Business Academy

“I’ve been working with Liz for quite a while, and could not recommend her more. I think she’s a total unicorn in the world of finance, and I would definitely not be where I am now without her guidance. If you’re an entrepreneur or a coach or a business person that wants your finances handled by someone who’s warm and supportive and loving, just go talk to Liz. Just do it.”

Megan Jo Wilson

Coach & Founder of Rock Star Camp

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