Let’s make sure your business inside is as beautiful as your business outside…

If you’ve been worried about your money and feeling like it should all just be a little easier than it seems right now, From Zero to Zen is your treasure map to financial freedom…for your business and you!

Let’s put some easy-to-implement strategies in place and get you fully functioning (and profitable)!

Are you tired of wondering if you’ll have enough cash on hand to cover your credit card bill next month? Wondering how to pay yourself and continue growing your business? Frustrated because no matter how much money comes in the door, it seems to seep right back out again?

What could you do if your financial reality wasn’t keeping you up at night?

Just imagine…

This program has helped entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you master their money, make more of it, and take more of it home. It’s like a Business Management 101 course for creatives, coaches, online professionals and anyone looking to stop leaking cash and start feeling 1000x more confident with your financial decisions.

Frustrated with your finances and ready for painless solutions?

Ready to go From Zero To Zen?

Knowing what to do and when with your business finances can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. Learn how to take control of your money management with ease and confidence! Based on my best-selling book, this program teaches you everything you need to know to streamline your financial world in a way that works best for you!

Learn Financial Best Practices

Have you ever thought about why some people seem to have it all together, while others flounder in their businesses? The difference may simply be how well they manage things behind the scenes…starting with your books. Set up a sound financial framework for your business that’s easy to understand and manage.

Help Your Business Thrive

Wondering why you still never seem to have enough cash on hand or how to fix that? Building a strong business isn’t always easy, but when you know how you work best when it comes to your finances can take some worry off your plate. Sound financial practices that fit your unique financial style can turn your money management from “ugh” to “a-MAZING” in a surprisingly short time.

Build Your Business Management Muscle

Are you generating money hand over fist, but are wondering how best to use it? If you have big dreams for your business (and your personal pocketbook), then knowing exactly how to take advantage of opportunities and being clear on what might trip you up along the way will support your big goals. Start mapping your version of Zen Money right now with the From Zero To Zen Program: Business Financial Management 101

Easy to Follow 8-Module Program

Do you like learning from your own experiences? Our video lessons and exercises build each module to give you a comprehensive understanding of your financial inner workings. This program is like a mini-MBA & accounting primer rolled into one! It will give you the tools you need to step fully into your financial future at a pace that fits into your schedule, with short actionable lessons and meaningful exercises.

From Zero To Zen is the best first step in mapping your version of Zen Money as an entrepreneur.

Because before we can truly thrive in our business, we need to understand how to navigate our financial reality.

From Zero To Zen focuses on helping you build a profitable business, from the inside out.

For nearly two decades,

I’ve been helping mission-driven entrepreneurs build profitable, thriving businesses from the ground up.

In that time, one thing has become crystal clear: the sooner you get your financial ducks in a row, the easier it is to grow quickly and put more money in your pocket…no matter what kind of business you’re creating!

That’s why I love this program so much.

This 8 step process is for…

  • Entrepreneurs who are getting traction and starting to make some real money, but can’t quite seem to figure out how to manage it once it comes in the door.
  • Online solopreneurs who struggle to set pricing that will put enough cash in their hands month after month.
  • Small business owners who need a little help setting up financial systems that are easy to manage and will stick by them as they grow.

Can you imagine what it’s going to feel like once you know what to do and when with your finances?

“Liz’s teaching style opened my eyes to a new way of interacting with my numbers. Not something to push aside, but something to develop a relationship with. I now have a set system in place and feel so clear about business decisions and that is priceless.”
Sarah Richardson

Running Coach & Racecation Facilitator

“​​The best thing about working with Liz is that there is NO judgement, FULL support, and accountability in making my finances understandable and fun! (No, really…) I truly recommend this for anyone needing to get clear on your financial plan and how to manage it to your best advantage”
Dr. Kristina Hallett

Psychiatrist, Shaman, Author & Speaker

“Any entrepreneur who’s ready to go beyond the “baby steps” in building their business will benefit from having Liz helping to give you a firm knowledge of everything that make a business financially successful. You really can go From Zero To Zen!”
Mara Linaberger

Education Specialist & Founder of Microschool Builders

What will you learn?

This program is about learning how to maximize your money strategies, streamline your day-to-day work, and make sure you’re never missing another financial step as your grow your biz.

This 8-step process includes:

Facing Your Finances

Gain clarity + set your big money goals

Happy Client = Happy You

Mastering your contract-to-cash cycles

Reconcile Yourself

Checking your numbers

Building Your Roadmap

Budgeting + building a sustainable biz

Get Set for Success

Money talk + basic financial flow

Paying the Piper

Taking care of expenses without breaking your bank

The Devil’s in the Details

Setting up your systems + reading your reports

Finding Your Balance

Paying yourself + standing in your Zen

Each module includes comprehensive video lessons, reflection questions + exercises to help you build your financial strategies.

Have questions about From Zero To Zen and how it can help you build the financial future of your dreams?


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