Know your business is meant for more, but not sure where to start?

This is the place! Take a peek at my best ‘getting started’ materials to help you begin mapping your version of Zen Money!

Ready to go?

Does any of this sound familiar?

–> Your business ramping up but managing your finances getting you down…
–> You have a nagging feeling that you’re missing something important with your books…
–> You’re walking around with a millstone of money discomfort around your neck…
–> You lay awake worrying whether you’ll make enough to cover your bills next month…
–> You’re nervous about what you don’t know about your finances and worried you might be missing something critical to your success…

Let’s get started!

Charge Your Worth, Pay Yourself First, and Fund Your Wildest Dreams

Zen Money Map Book

Do you learn by reading? Love a good book in your hands? Grab a signed copy of Zen Money Map: Charge Your Worth, Pay Yourself First, and Fund Your Wildest Dreams and get started on your Zen Money® journey! This is a great way to start reorganizing your biz insides so they’re as beautiful as your biz outsides.

Get a jump on your money!

Zen Money® Accelerator Advantage

Get a jump on your money…Knowing what to do and when with your business finances can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. Learn how to take control of your money with ease and confidence. Master your cash flow, get your records in order, never miss another bookkeeping step. Get exclusive access to 5 great Zen Money® resource guides!

Zen Money® Audit with Liz

Wondering what’s working well in your biz and what could use a tune up? Not sure if your strategy will get you where you want to go? Having trouble breaking old money habits? Let’s figure out how you can grow your version of Zen Money® faster with a 1:1 assessment & specific-to-you recommendations for all three pillars in your unique financial house!

“Liz really breaks down this information to make it accessible. Her knowledge and teaching style instilled confidence in me, and her encouraging manner made me look forward to our time together. She never made numbers feel like “medicine” I had to take.”

Kelly Benvenuto

Professional Photographer

“Liz’s calm and down-to-earth approach to money has helped me to realize that I hide in the uncertainty. My bookkeeping systems were never quite dialed in, my pricing was always being adjusted, and I didn’t have set goals for launches. (Then it wouldn’t be a disappointment if it didn’t go as planned!) With her guidance, I’ve learned that you’ve got to have a starting point, an end goal in mind, and a realistic financial plan in place to get you where you want to go!”

Stacey Nachajski

Social Media Strategist

“I learned so much about running a profitable business from Liz. I now know exactly what’s happening, how to leverage my finances, and I have all the information I need at my fingertips to grow my business.”

Jessica Castle

Online Launch Strategist


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