It’s time for your business to thrive!

Knowing what to do and when with your business finances can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. Learn how to take control of your money management with ease and confidence!

Are you ready to map your version of Zen Money®?

Does any of this sound familiar?

–> Your business ramping up but managing your finances getting you down…
–> You have a nagging feeling that you’re missing something important with your books…
–> You’re walking around with a millstone of money discomfort around your neck…
–> You lay awake worrying whether you’ll make enough to cover your bills next month…
–> You’re nervous about what you don’t know about your finances and worried you might be missing something critical to your success…

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I’m here to help.

Zen Money Kit

Zen Money® QuickStart Kit

Get a jump on your money…Knowing what to do and when with your business finances can relieve a lot of stress and anxiety. Learn how to take control of your money with ease and confidence. Master your cash flow, get your records in order, never miss another bookkeeping step. Get exclusive access to 5 great Zen Money® resource guides!

Zen Money® Audit with Liz

Wondering what’s working well in your biz and what could use a tune up? Not sure if your strategy will get you where you want to go? Having trouble breaking old money habits? Let’s figure out how you can grow your version of Zen Money® faster with a 1:1 assessment & specific-to-you recommendations for all three pillars in your unique financial house!

From Zero To Zen Program

Let’s make sure your business inside is as beautiful as your business outside! If you’ve been worried about your money and feeling like it should all just be a little easier than it seems right now, From Zero to Zen is your treasure map to financial freedom…for your business and you! Build your business management muscle, and help your business thrive at your own pace in this 8-module program.

“Liz has literally changed my life and my entire business, by helping me get my money in order. Working with her has been so valuable; I’ve gone from wondering how I was going to pay my taxes and living moment to moment, to knowing exactly what’s possible. I know what I actually have coming in on a day-to-day basis and what I can plan for, thanks to the work we’ve done together. And that’s been an enormous relief.”
Amy Birks

Business Strategist, Speaker & Author

“Liz will help you with your business and creating that bridge to your personal life. Working with her will get you to the next level faster…because you can’t really hide anymore. If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur who just wants to get there with your money and your life, and you want to move forward in a way that’s integrated (and in integrity), she’ll help you with the whole thing.”
Ritu Goswamy

Attorney, Productivity Consultant & Founder of Legal Productivity Solutions

“Liz is patient, kind and knowledgeable. She understands coaching and creative folks and wants us to succeed. As an artist, I was just beginning to think of my work as a business when I started working with her. Now I not only have clients, I have the tools I need to organize the financial side of it, too. She helped me feel empowered to build my business and to feel confident managing my personal finances as well. I feel I have an infrastructure that works for me and that feels amazing.”
Deborah Black

Artist, Coach & Healer


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